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In order to improve the quality of customer service of Zhubang, increase customer satisfaction, serve all customers more effectively, and provide timely feedback on customer information, Zhubang has set up a customer service department. The customer service part is pre-sale service, sale service, and after-sales service. Dear customers, if you have any questions and needs about our products, or have any comments and suggestions on our services, you are welcome to communicate with us at any time, and we will do our best to serve you wholeheartedly. Your satisfaction is the purpose of our service, and the common development of the company and customers is our persistent pursuit.

Pre-sale service process

Pre-sale service process

1. You can consult or leave a message to us through Baidu Shangqiao QQ phone
2. We will respond to your questions in time after receiving the consultation information
3. Send drawings to understand the details, Zhubang company has specialized technical personnel to answer technical questions for you
4. Zhubang company can provide free samples and materials
5. The regional sales leaders of Zhubang Company will regularly follow up the project, visit and communicate, and provide high-quality services
6. Zhubang company provides customers with project design with the best performance-price ratio.

In-sale service process

1. Follow up customer requirements to modify the plan
2. The Quotation Department of Zhubang Company provides customers with preferential quotations
3. Sign the contract
4. Order confirmation
5. Production arrangements

In-sale service process
After-sales service process

After-sales service process

1. Customers call for consultation and complaint information, and the customer service of Zhubang will record the name of the calling company, address, telephone, contact person, specific items and complaint information
2. For simple problems, the customer service department of Zhubang will solve them immediately through telephone communication with customers
3. For complex problems, we will ask technical staff to propose solutions as soon as possible and respond to the leaders
4. Track and supervise the handling of problems
5. Follow-up result feedback
6. The result of the problem is handled and filed, and management is strengthened
7. After the completion of the project, the staff of Zhubang Company regularly visit the site to visit the product's use effect

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