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A flush dampers ventilator, the ventilator is installed in the beam cavity, the fresh outdoor air enters through the lower duct of the beam and enters the room through the beam opening and ventilator.


A flush dampers ventilator, the ventilator is installed in the beam cavity, the outdoor fresh air enters through the unit curtain wall insert gap, through the beam openings and ventilator into the room, the ventilator can be factory installed or on-site installation.

Vertical FV190

Product technical parameters: Dimension: thickness 190mm, width 200mm Product length: according to the size of the hole to determine Product color: according to the color plate color matching Ventilation area: 19646mm2/m Ventilation volume under 2Pa differential pressure: 73m3/(m.h) Ventilation volume under 10 Pa differential pressure: 180m3/(m.h) Power input: AC220 50HZ Motor model: DC12V   Filtration effect: can efficiently filter outdoor dust and mosquitoes

Flush FV200

A flush natural ventilator, the shell is thermal break aluminum alloy profile, the ventilator is installed between two beams, a natural ventilation and air exchange device installed on the curtain wall beams to improve indoor air quality. It can be installed later for easy maintenance. The natural inclined upward air duct design ensures that rainwater does not enter the room and the water droplets in the air duct can flow to the outside along the air duct.

Flush FV132

Brief product description: 1. aluminum alloy shell, product strength, to meet the curtain wall installation ventilation requirements 2. Product surface treatment process and color can be consistent with the curtain wall beam 3. Ventilator and curtain wall beam interface using sealant tape compression seal 4. Ventilator installation is simple, open the panel, screw fixed to the beam 5. Ventilator dampers are flush type, good air tightness in closed state 6. The ventilator panel can be rotated to open 90 degrees, which is convenient for cleaning the ventilator cavity 7. The panel is equipped with a filter 8. Product accessories are made of zinc alloy and aluminum alloy, not rusting

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