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1. Product structure diagram:


Ventilator open state


Ventilator closed state                     


Indoor size of ventilator


Overall structure of ventilator


2. Product technical parameters:

Dimensions: thickness 190mm, width 200mm

Product length: Determined according to the size of the hole

Product color: according to the color palette

Ventilation area: 19646mm2/m

Ventilation capacity under 2 Pa pressure difference: 73m3/(m.h)

Ventilation volume under 10 Pa pressure difference: 180m3/(m.h)

Power input: AC220 50HZ

Motor model: DC12V

Filtration effect: can filter outdoor dust and mosquitoes efficiently


3. Product Picture:

Product interior view


Product exterior view


Product panel disassembly diagram 



              Product open state                                            Product logo


Product nameplate/certificate


Feature description:

Ø An electronically controlled natural ventilator for the curtain wall, the shell is made of aluminum alloy, the product has high strength, and the surface treatment can be consistent with the curtain wall.

Ø The shell is connected by a cold bridge

Ø The indoor panel is detachable for easy cleaning of the panel and air duct.

Ø Through the indicator light, you can understand its working status more intuitively.

Ø The product inputs AC220 50HZ power supply, and the motor uses DC12V safe power supply.

Ø Simple product operation.


4. Instructions for use:

1. Turn on: Turn on the power, turn on the switch, the power indicator light is on, indicating that the ventilator is turned on.

2. Turn off: turn off the switch, the power indicator light is off, indicating that the ventilator is turned off.

3. Cleaning and maintenance: a. Disassembling the panel: Use matching tools to lift up the perforation, and then pull it out. As shown:



 b. Remove the filter: turn the knob 90°, and pull the filter outward.


5. Installation instructions:

The ventilator is installed on the curtain wall column. The minimum size of the hole is 147.3mm, and the size of the product cavity is 143.3mm, which can ensure smooth insertion into the hole. The ventilator is easy to install, just disassemble the product panel, locate the size, lock it with screws, and seal the gap.




Application items:




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