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Description of FV200 Natural Ventilator

A translational natural ventilator, the shell is made of heat-insulating aluminum alloy profile, the ventilator is installed between two beams, a natural ventilation device installed on the beam of the curtain wall to improve indoor air quality. It can be installed later and is convenient for maintenance. The naturally inclined air duct design ensures that rainwater does not enter the room, and the water drops in the air duct can flow to the outdoors along the wind duct.


Technical Parameters:

Product height: 196mm Width: 116mm Length: L=customized

Color: Customized according to the color plate Ventilation area: 20000mm2/m

10Pa pressure difference ventilation: 140m3/m.h

Watertight performance: 900pa

Wind pressure resistance: 3.6kpa




Installation node diagram:





The ventilators are installed between the unit curtain wall beams

The outdoor fresh air enters the room through the outside shutters and ventilators.


Structure diagram:


Product photo:

Switch position


Handle position

Outdoor appearance


Installation steps:

1. Ventilator installation



1. Determine whether the number of the ventilator is consistent with the number of the unit plate at the installation location, that is, the ventilator meets the requirements of the opening of the unit plate.

2. Open the ventilator panel

3. Put the main body of the ventilator into the beam hole

4. The lower side of the ventilator is clamped into the beam interface, and the upper side is screwed

5. Close the ventilator panel

6. Check whether the ventilator panel is level with the beam

7. Check whether the ventilator switch operates smoothly

8. Protect finished products


Ventilator use:


Operation switch state


Panel open state

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