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Clamshell FV116

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1. Installation node diagram

Ventilation principle:

Natural ventilation in the usual sense refers to the flow of air through purposeful openings. This flow is directly affected by the pressure distribution on the exterior surface of the building and the characteristics of different openings. The pressure distribution is the driving force, and the characteristics of each opening determine the flow resistance. In terms of natural ventilation, there are two main reasons for air movement in buildings: wind pressure and the difference in air density between indoor and outdoor. These two factors can work alone or together.


2. Brief description

Horizontal clamshell ventilator, outdoor fresh air enters the beam through the interface of the upper and lower units, the ventilator is set in the beam, the indoor is beautiful and generous, the ventilator plays the role of opening and closing the air duct.

Installation renderings:

Installation renderings

Open state



3. Performance characteristics

1) Energy saving and environmental protection: no power consumption, no new noise source, sustainable ventilation;

2) Effective ventilation: The design of large-area air exchange channels saves energy consumption;

3) High wind pressure resistance: the shell is made of aluminum alloy material, which can be installed in the curtain wall of high-rise buildings;

4) No maintenance required: reasonable structure design, no power components, and all parts and accessories are free from corrosion;

5) Easy installation: In terms of installation, structural design, material selection, etc., different usage conditions are fully considered to ensure its safety and reliability;

6) Insect-proof and dust-proof: the ventilation channel is equipped with a filter with good anti-insect and dust-proof performance;

7) Overall beauty: installation in the curtain wall outdoors does not affect the effect of the building's facade, the indoor panel is closed when it is flat, and it is opened when it is opened


Four, technical parameters



high 49mm

Length Curtain wall grid size customization Surface treatment: Customer request customization
Ventilation area:



Ventilation volume under 5Pa wind pressure:

110m3/(h .m)

Watertight performance: 700 Pa
Wind resistance performance:


Airtight performance:





V. Ventilator node diagram

Open state                                       

Close view


Open view

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