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FV70 Natural Ventilator                                                                           

Function: A small natural ventilation device installed in the curtain wall beam to improve indoor air quality




1) Energy saving and environmental protection: no power consumption, no new noise source, sustainable ventilation;

2) Effective ventilation: design of large-area air exchange channels; freely adjust the ventilation volume to save air conditioning energy consumption;

3) High wind pressure resistance: the shell is made of aluminum alloy material, which can be installed in the curtain wall of high-rise buildings;

4) Good sealing performance: when closed, the air door and the frame are sealed with a rubber strip and multiple locks are locked. The contact surface of the ventilator and the curtain wall profile is sealed with two rubber strips. The rubber strip is made of foamed EPDM, which has good air tightness. Sex

5) No maintenance required: reasonable structure design, no power components, and all parts and accessories are free from corrosion;

6) Easy installation: In terms of installation, structural design, material selection, etc., different usage conditions are fully considered to ensure its safety and reliability;

7) Anti-insect and dust-proof: the ventilation channel is equipped with a filter with good anti-insect and dust-proof performance.

Technical Parameters:

1. Indoor panel effect

2. Technical parameters:

Product height: 61.6 mm  Product width: 95.2 mm

Product length: Determined according to the grid size of the curtain wall, it is recommended that a single root should not exceed 2500mm

Opening area: 18000 mm2/m

5 Pa ventilation rate: 80 m3/(h.m)   10 Pa ventilation rate: 115 m3/(h.m)

Airtight performance: ≤0.5m3/(m•h)

Watertight performance: 700-1000Pa

Wind pressure resistance performance: 3600Pa

Repeated opening and closing: 20,000 times

Thermal insulation coefficient: 2.5W/m2.k

Product node:

Filtration instructions: The filter screen is installed under the panel. The panel can be removed for cleaning and replacement.



Filter type description:

Filter type


Ordinary filter materials can only use their own fibers to perform a single mechanical interception of dust, and the captured dust will quickly accumulate on the surface, so that the resistance of the filter material rises rapidly. In addition to mechanical interception of dust, the electrostatic filter material also has an additional layer of electrostatic capture. Some fine dust is electrostatically absorbed after entering the filter material, which truly achieves deep dust retention, and its resistance rise is much slower than ordinary filter materials.

3. Excellent ability to capture PM2.5

PM2.5, a particle with a diameter of 2.5 microns, is a fine dust that is easily inhaled by the human body, and it is also the particle that can penetrate the filter material most easily. The static electricity of the electrostatic filter material has a good catching performance for particles of 0.1-0.3 microns. , It is also difficult for ordinary filter media to achieve low wind resistance.

The filter can be cleaned once a quarter!


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