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   F90W is a recessed natural ventilator with an aluminum housing without any protrusions and a control element inside the profile cavity. F90W is installed below the glass and is particularly suitable for sliding windows, with an upward sloping profile on the lower end of the exterior side to ensure natural upward air flow and a mosquito mesh profile on the interior side for insect protection.

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   F90W is a built-in natural ventilator. The shell is made of aluminum without any protrusions. There are control parts in the cavity of the profile. F90W is installed under the glass, which is especially suitable for sliding windows. It flows upward naturally, and the indoor profile is processed into a mosquito net shape, which can prevent insects.

When the total length of the ventilator is greater than 800mm, the software and hardware in the middle are disconnected, and the bilateral switches are controlled

When the total length of the ventilator is less than 800mm, the right single side switch control



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