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China New Air Industry Development Forum was held in Chongqing, our Chongqing office Ding Haibo attended the meeting on behalf of

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On May 10, 2018, in the flowery and tree-lined Chongqing International Expo Center, the "New Air Industry Development Forum and New Product and Technology Conference" hosted by China Construction Metal Structure Association Purification and New Air Committee, National Building Materials Industry Building Hardware Plumbing Product Quality Supervision and Testing Center and Chongqing Refrigeration Society and organized by China New Air Network "grandly held. As a co-organizer of this meeting, Chongqing World Exhibition Co., Ltd, Jinan New Fengze Technology Development Co., Ltd (Azure Wind), Baba Media, Long Feitian Media "Comfortable Home" also gave strong support to this meeting. New wind industry leaders, experts and leaders of the Chongqing Refrigeration Society, as well as from the surrounding areas of the industry production enterprises, distribution enterprises, a total of more than 200 participants attended the meeting, our Chongqing office Ding Haibo also attended the meeting on behalf of the Sumibang company.

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