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The Ministry of Housing and Construction's "Technical Guidelines for the Application of New Air Systems in Residential Buildings" kick-off meeting was held in Beijing as scheduled

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Jointly applied by the Institute of Standards and Quotations of the Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development, the Purification and Fresh Air Committee of China Construction Metal Structure Association, the Heating and Comfortable Home Branch of Shanghai Building Materials Industry Association, Tongji University, Akcome Enterprise Group (Shanghai) Limited, Chongqing University, the National Building Materials Industry Building Hardware and Plumbing Product Quality Supervision and Testing Center, and Sentech (China) HVAC Equipment Co. The launch meeting of the "Technical Guidelines for the Application of Fresh Air Systems in Residential Buildings", which was edited by the chief editor, was held in Beijing on May 24, 2018, with leaders of industry associations, experts, professors from various academic institutions and responsible persons of participating enterprises attending the meeting.

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