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The Great Conversation|Sumitomo Building Materials Wu Xianze: The epidemic will drive the rise of new air system

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The "epidemic" of the new crown war has suddenly struck, and now it has entered a critical period. Colleagues in the home furnishing industry have all stepped forward at the first time. In the "epidemic" of the home furnishing war, various companies took the initiative to attack. In addition to donating materials, they also issued policies such as supporting businesses and exempting rent. In order to strengthen industry exchanges in special times and give dealers full confidence and direction, Huiya Home Furnishing Hotline #大钟云Dialogue# invites industry leaders to communicate and collide online, and overcome the epidemic together with industry colleagues and dealers’ families , Looking forward to a new scene of home furnishing. During the interview, Wu Xiance, general manager of Zhubang Building Materials, mentioned: "This epidemic will definitely drive the rise of the fresh air system. As a supplier of supporting products for door and window companies, we are very optimistic that our products can bring doors and windows companies. Very good earnings effect.”
Huiya Home Furnishing Hotline: In the face of this epidemic, how does your company carry out the prevention and control of the epidemic to ensure the safe resumption of work of employees and factories?

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