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Guangzhou zhubang building materials development co., LTD is located in the high and new technology industrial park, guangzhou huadu airport only 15 minutes drive away from baiyun airport, only 25 minutes from the guangzhou north station, close to the airport high-speed, wide high speed and ZhaoHua high speed.Company production and sales of doors and Windows deadened the noise of natural ventilation device, power ventilator, ventilator, curtain wall ventilator, PM2.5 ventilator and intelligent ventilation system.Zhubang company was founded in 2006, live music and former company for 16 years to focus on research and development of various kinds of ventilator.

Guangzhou zhubang registered capital of 20 million yuan, has more than one thousands square meters in the standardization of the production workshop and own laboratory, research and development base in the second phase will start construction soon.Company has three degrees in the field of resources and environmental technology to obtain national recognition of hi-tech enterprises, have the ISO9001 quality system certification, ISO14001 environment system certification, with 57 the patent for utility model and four invention patent certificate.Company's products have passed national construction engineering quality supervision and inspection center, national air conditioning equipment quality supervision and inspection center, tsinghua university, south China university of technology, quality supervision and testing institute in guangzhou, chongqing and quality inspection institute of measurement detection.

Guangzhou zhubang ventilator standard is the main setting unit, has participated in the national ministry of line standard JG/T233-2008 "building doors and Windows with ventilator, landmark in chongqing in the 2009 edition of the residential building energy saving design standard 65% matching standard atlas DJBT - 054" building ventilator, GB/T28198-2011 power window ventilator, GB/T29737-2013 "building doors and Windows of dust prevention performance requirements and testing methods, industry guidelines RISN TG019-2015" building doors and Windows accessories (ventilator) guidelines for the application technology, engineering construction standard in chongqing DBJ50 / T - 242-2016 "technical specification" building ventilator application, the department of housing and urban-rural development RISN TG026-2016 guidelines for the doors and Windows technology system in the building, the China association for engineering construction standard CECS437:2016 "regulations of technology of industrialization of residential building outside the window system, the preparation work.

Guangzhou zhubang is building doors and Windows accessories and committee member of China metal structure association unit, the product biography atlas of China academy of building standard design products, is the national ministry of science and technology key project of "11th five-year plan" national science and technology support plan "environment-friendly building materials with product research and development" project in building outside the window of the typical five - in system research and development project to participate in the unit, the company completed the fujian province science and technology major projects "building energy saving key technology research and application demonstration" 2008 hz0003-1 ventilation system research and development, in 2012 the company won the ministry of science and technology innovation fund for technology-based smes (small and medium-sized enterprises to participate in the 12th five-year science and technology plan projects of guangdong province in 2013 the south building Windows and doors curtain wall energy-saving technology integration of research and application, to bear the China construction science research institute in 2015 "technical specification" industrialization of residential building outside the window system project and metal structure association of China to assume the guideline of building doors and Windows system technology of the preparation work, in 2016 to participate in the ministry of standard quota department such as take the building doors and Windows series standard application implementation guide and JG/T233 building doors and Windows with ventilator revision work, in 2017 the company to participate in the preparation of building doors and Windows standard key indicators technology development report work, 10 times in guangzhou and huadu district different research plan and won the science and technology of science and technology, the company has with the China construction science research institute and production, agreement of south China university of technology, guangzhou zhubang enterprise research and development institutions construction in 2015 won the city kechuang appoint judges through.


Guangzhou zhubang company since its inception, the national engineering application examples of nearly 800 projects and exported to Europe, Australia and southeast Asia, etc.Large domestic real estate such as vanke, green space, poly, China shipping, wanda, shimao, gen, investment promotion, jindi, longhu, China resources, etc., foreign real estate, and yellow, cade, Ryan, such as iron lions gate has the engineering application.On our representative public building of Beijing television center, building, Beijing baidu tencent building;Financial peace tower in Shanghai, the Shanghai gold hongqiao international center, lujiazui center, guangzhou poly pazhou, guangzhou, China headquarters, guangzhou yuexiu wealth center, guangzhou baiyun green space center, shenzhen business center phase ii of the east China sea, shenzhen taiping financial center, the center in suzhou, east gate, the ningbo shipping, radio and television, changzhou green center in wuhan, wuhan, guangdong development bank tower, fujian bureau office building, fuzhou electric power building, dalian futures mansion, dalian railway noble center, liuzhou diwang building, guangxi and other large financial plaza project.                                                      

Guangzhou zhubang company adopts comprehensive TQC management products, the company promises for each customer to provide pre-sale technical service, sale quality follow-up, on-site installation supervision, quality after-sales tracking, maintenance.

Zupon ® won for guangzhou city famous trademark in 2015, zupon ®, live help ®, DE ke ® belong to guangzhou zhubang company logo.Guangzhou zhubang is door window curtain wall ventilator market, customer demand is motivation to strive zhubang company, we concentrate on research technology, the continuous efforts of research and development of various series of new products to meet the needs of the market, efforts will be in guangzhou stay state for the ventilator in the world to create a first-class professional company.

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