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What is natural ventilator Which is better: natural ventilator or power ventilator

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1. What is a natural ventilator?

Natural ventilator, also known as roof natural ventilator, roof unpowered ventilator, roof ventilator, unpowered hood, unpowered fan, hood, turbine ventilator, is suitable for installation in warehouse workshops for ventilation, cooling and dehumidification, and maintenance of warehouses. Ventilated, cool and dry, avoiding the loss of raw materials and finished products caused by high temperature, heat and humidity. It is an ideal ventilation equipment for industrial plants and warehouses. It is also suitable for the flue holes of high-rise buildings to prevent backflow acceleration. Smoke exhaust, beautiful appearance and low cost.

The natural ventilator is not the same type as the traditional ventilator. The natural ventilator is a non-powered ventilator installed on the window, which is imported from abroad. The function of the natural ventilator is to use the indoor and outdoor air pressure difference and wind pressure to realize natural ventilation and continuously provide fresh air for the room. It is indoor and outdoor air circulation, without electricity, energy saving and environmental protection. The appearance is beautiful and the doors and windows are integrated.

2. Which is better, natural ventilator or powered ventilator?

1. Comparison of working methods

Natural ventilator: use indoor and outdoor pressure difference, temperature difference and wind pressure for natural ventilation to provide fresh air for the room.

Powered ventilator: A ventilator that actively exchanges indoor and outdoor air by its own power system.

2. Functional comparison

Natural Ventilator: It continuously sends fresh air into the room and has the function of ventilation.

Power type ventilator: The ventilation effect is very obvious. It can isolate noise and purify the air while ventilating.

3. Cost comparison

Natural ventilator: no motor, no electricity consumption, green and environmental protection, low cost, one-time investment.

Power type ventilator: imported motor, control system, its own power is 6w, it needs power consumption, and the cost will be higher.

4. Comparison of energy saving

Natural ventilator: easy installation, cost saving, no power consumption.

Power type ventilator: It requires manpower maintenance and consumes about 27 degrees of electricity per year, which consumes energy.

5. Comparison of air volume

Natural ventilator: Affected by indoor and outdoor air pressure, the ventilation volume is uncontrolled and the air volume is small.

Power type ventilator: not affected by external factors, large air volume.

Natural Ventilator

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