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What is the difference between natural and electric ventilators for windows and doors? Do you know?

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Natural ventilators and electric ventilators are the two major categories of door and window ventilators. Many customers are confused about how to choose these two products when they first come into contact with door and window ventilators. Today, Jiataifeng will make one for everyone. Simple comparative introduction.

1. Ventilation principle: Natural ventilator ventilation mainly relies on the indoor and outdoor air pressure difference and temperature difference to achieve ventilation. The principle of ventilation is similar to opening a gap in your window. If the outside wind is strong, the natural ventilator will come in with strong wind, and vice versa. The ventilation of electric ventilators mainly relies on the motor inside the ventilator. Therefore, one of these two products is self-ventilating and the other is forced ventilation.

2. Air volume: According to the ventilation principle, we know that the air volume of natural ventilators is not constant and will change with the indoor and outdoor environment. With an electric ventilator, the air volume is constant. Therefore, for customers who require air volume or low-rise residents, Jiataifeng recommends that you choose electric ventilators.

3. Installation position: natural ventilator products can be installed above or below the glass, while electric ventilators are generally installed above the glass or vertically. Of course, electric ventilators can also be installed below the glass. For safety considerations, Jiataifeng recommends that the electric ventilator product is not load-bearing, and a beam is added during installation. And some electric ventilators are very heavy, and the installation position must be on the beam.

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